Here are some top reasons why it’s better to use a custom domain for your business email:

1. Professional Appearance

For an email address to appear professional, it needs to use its own domain. Doesn’t look more professional than

2. Branding

The email address includes the business’s brand name; people who see your contact details can even make an educated guess about the URL of your website.

Giving out your email address becomes an indirect way of promoting your company, whereas using gives potential customers no indication of where they can find you online.

3. Avoid looking spammy

Generic email platforms like Gmail, Outlook and others contain algorithms that look for spammy behavior such as the sender’s email address. Using a professional email address will help make sure that your email deliverability rate is higher.

4. Take Control

Those with email addresses tied to an internet service provider (ISP), such as or are dependent on the continued use of their ISP.  Also included in this category are free providers such as Google, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.  Custom domains allow businesses to maintain their email even if they change hosting providers.  I was able to do this quite easily moving my imap accounts from GoDaddy to SiteGround.

5. It’s Free!

If you have your own domain name, then chances are your hosting provider also provides a free email account. In most cases you’re allowed multiple email addresses. So, you could have an email for and another account for generic incoming email such as