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Ahhh, the title! To make it irresistible is always a challenge when deciding what to write and which keywords to use, right? After all, it is undoubtedly the most important part of the text. If the title is not strong, eye-catching or reaches the reader in its entirety, the text will go unnoticed. Most of the time, it will not be opened, much less read. Having clickable titles is the secret to increasing conversion, especially in nowadays, with the huge amount of content that people see out there.

Although there are some simple techniques that increase clicks in a text, such as the use of hyphen and colon, for example, what remains the main source of attraction are the words. They are the ones that attract the reader’s attention. Therefore, here you will learn 10 keywords that need to be present to make your titles clickable. The best thing is that you will be able to apply what you learned immediately, making small edits in the titles of your texts, and you will see the difference in the conversion. Keep reading!

Before practicing, check out these tips

Surely, you should know that the first step to having clickable titles is to know your target audience and know what they are looking for. This research will already give you great ideas of topics to address in the text and words to use in the titles to attract the right reader.

The words that make up the title must be directly related to the content of the text. The whole has to make sense to the reader. Without that, you’re going to spend time and effort producing content that won’t have the expected result, which can be very frustrating, right? So start by doing the right thing: study, research, and plan well before you write.

With the information of the target audience in your hands and the topics defined, you already have good luggage to start producing clickable titles. Here, the goal is to show you words that will help increase that conversion independently of the subject used, as they combine with thousands of words and subjects and will then become the keywords of your title.

Now, let’s go to the 10 keywords

As has already been said, keywords are not necessarily a single word. They can be a term or even a sentence. The ones presented here should be used integrated with the central topic of your text, alone or combined with others on the list. Take a look at the sequence to understand better.

1. How

The use of this word gives the feeling of teaching. If your goal is to create a step-by-step text or similar to a tutorial, this is a good keyword to use. Here are some examples:

  • How to increase my company’s profits.
  • How to conquer new clients.
  • How to build amazing titles.
  • How to make good planning.

People do searches using that kind of textual construction and if it is in your title and in the body of the text, your chances of being found grow quite a lot.

2. Tips

One of the most used words that makes a lot of sense to come closer with the target audience. When used it gives the impression of something more personal, as if you were transferring personal knowledge and experience to the reader. Take a look at these examples:

  • 7 Tips to create strong titles.
  • 5 Tips to build your Content Marketing Strategy.
  • 10 Tips on how to reach your client’s heart.
  • 8 decorating tips for small balconies.

3. Infallibles

The use of this expression gives the idea of something that has already been tested and worked, making it a powerful attraction for your title. For example:

  • 10 Infallible tips for a Successful Business.
  • Infallible techniques to find your motivation.
  • Are you going to get the first authorization? Follow these 5 infallible tips.

4. Trends

This word demonstrates something current, which is on the rise in the market and cannot be ignored by the reader.

  • Titles: Content Marketing Trends.
  • Have a look here at the trends that will conquer the Start-ups Market.
  • Rose Gold Trend: learn how to apply it in your decoration.

5. Strategies

It applies to any subject, but in some it becomes even more powerful. Entrepreneurs and people who work or like marketing in its various edges, for example, are highly attracted by the use of that word. Look at some of its applications:

  • 5 strategies to create your e-commerce.
  • Infallible strategies to produce quality content.
  • 8 proven and approved strategies to increase your turnover.

6. Techniques

As well as “Trends” and “Strategies”, this word can also be used in various work sections and gives the idea of teaching and experience.

  • SEO techniques to drag into your texts.
  • Know the techniques to use color in your decoration.
  • Fundamental techniques for good writing.

7. No

Don’t panic, “No” can be used in your favor to have a flashy title, just take a look:

  • Make no more mistakes when hiring your employees.
  • 3 tips for what not to do when the subject is makeup.
  • Learn to say no to emotional pain.
  • See what you can not miss in your digital marketing strategy.

8. Guide

It is a very valid word for longer and explanatory texts. When you use it, the person automatically understands that there is complete information on the topic of interest. Some examples are:

  • Complete Content Marketing Guide.
  • Difficulties to sell? Consult this guide.
  • Complete guide on how to conquer new clients.

The word can even be used as e-book titles and digital rewards.

9. Secrets

It gives a feeling of something unique, confidential and exclusive. Check out some examples of this:

  • 10 secrets of the great entrepreneurs.
  • From the engineer to you: secrets not to be mistaken in your work.
  • Learn the secrets of the sales champions.

10. Best

It gives the reader an idea that there are the best tips or the best content. Analyze some examples of how to use it:

  • See here the best techniques to build an extraordinary content.
  • 5 best applications to do your planning.
  • Road safety: the best tips to avoid accidents.

Notice that in all the examples given the word is not alone. It becomes the keyword from the moment it joins the main search term that the person will need to type to find your content and that, consequently, will be present throughout your text. The more exclusive and unique your title is, the better it will act to attract the right people.